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Are aluminum doors better than wood?
Are aluminum doors better than wood?

Solid Wood Door
Literally, it is a kind of door made of wood, because the wood has the characteristics of clear lines, environmental protection, comfort, corrosion resistance, no deformation, no cracks, and heat insulation. Therefore, it is widely used in home life and is one of the preferred materials for flooring.
Aluminum wooden door
Aluminum wooden doors change the dull condition of traditional wooden doors. With its beautiful shape, novel style, simple fashion, elegance, and generosity, it is not only healthy and environmentally friendly but also harmless to the human body but also enhances the taste of life. In terms of structure, the door frame and door leaf edging are made of high-tech aluminum, rich in metal texture, high strength, never fade, and never deform.

Advantages of solid wood doors:
1. Its airtightness is good, so the sound insulation effect is very strong, but it depends on the quality of its filling.
2. It has a high-end and elegant quality and will not be vulgar. Although it has always emphasized green, safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving, the aesthetics and comfort of solid wood cannot be replaced.

Disadvantages of solid wood doors:
Regular maintenance is required, because after the summer sun is smoked and baked, after the autumn and winter heat, the climate temperature is relatively high, so it is necessary to regularly add water to extend the service life of the door.

Advantages of aluminum wooden door:
The aluminum wooden door is a solid wood composite structure, and the composite structure is through the combination of materials to promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, improve the service life of the product, and is resistant to moisture, mildew, and impact.

The materials of aluminum wooden doors are environmentally friendly, will not produce radiation pollution, and have a certain degree of anti-ultraviolet effect. Its thermal insulation effect is good, and it can also play a protective role when the air conditioner is turned on in summer/winter.

Disadvantages of aluminum wooden door:
1. It has many production processes, expensive equipment, high threshold, and it is difficult to reduce the overall cost.
2. The outdoor aluminum alloy only plays a protective role on the surface. The solid wood is decorated with nylon connectors, and the high strength and toughness of the aluminum alloy itself is not used.

This is the relevant knowledge about which is better between aluminum wooden door and solid wood door and the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum wooden door and solid wood door. In fact, aluminum wooden door and solid wood door have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can decide according to your own needs and economic conditions. .

The editor warmly reminds everyone to learn more about the types and characteristics of wooden doors when choosing wooden doors, and then choose according to the needs of your own home. Here, there are three key points about wooden door selection. Simply share to see if the wooden door is environmentally friendly; secondly, when you look at the wooden door Mute; thirdly, look at whether the interior of the wooden door is filled with pure solid wood.