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Metal Framed Windows

Metal framed windows are the most commonly utilized by residential or commercial use thanks to their outstanding features, durability, affordable price, versatility, etc. They are generally sorted into vinyl, aluminum, off-bridge aluminum, etc. As a valuable and technical window manufacturer, we mainly work for aluminum framed windows covering a large variety of products, such as aluminum french window, aluminium frame casement window, aluminum sliding window...
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Vinyl window

Vinyl is actually a PVC material mainly used to produce windows. However, considered the less strong strength of traditional PVC material, manufacturers tend to add steel to increase its hardness. The windows made up of this material have quite good thermal insulation effect and airtightness. In spite of the snowy season outward, the temperature inside the house can be very well maintained thanks to its thermal insulation.

Moreover, the sound insulation effect of the vinyl window is outstanding. As the scientific research reported, it can block the noise of about 30 decibels, at least ensured a regular quiet condition for sleeping. Vinyl windows feature waterproof as well, thus there is no need to worry about the rain splashing in on damp weather.

Vinyl windows can be divided into a single-layer glass and double-layer glass. If there are no more requirements for heat preservation, you can select the single glass vinyl window; if you hope it equipped with heat preservation, anti-dust and sound insulation, a double-layer glass will be the best choice.

Pros of the vinyl window:

Vinyl windows feature good sound insulation.

It performs well in heat insulation, waterproof, airtight, watertight, anti-corrosion and heat preservation.

Last a long lifespan not deformed. The surface is as new as the start even years.

Aluminum window

Aluminum windows, as a home improvement building material, is also frequently utilized for doors and windows. It is a non-ferrous metal structure widely used in industry, but what you could solely find out it on doors and windows in daily life. The density of this metal material is particularly low, but the strength is relatively high, which leads to a relatively higher anti-theft coefficient. Due to the affordable cost aluminum windows are commonly accepted by most families. The doors and windows made of aluminum alloy are so sturdy that enable resist the maximum shock but still keep a good condition. Therefore as far as the safety performance, it is welcomed by house owners.

Pros of Aluminum window

Aluminum alloy is relatively resistant to anti-corrosion and good weather resistance.

Regular aluminum sliding windows use aluminum alloy as the main material, leading to better sealing and sound insulation effects than steel windows.

Usual aluminum sliding windows are easier to process than wooden windows & steel windows.

Aluminum alloy is a mid-range profile, not easily deformed, and at a moderate price, which is easily accepted.

Off-bridge aluminum window

You might not be familiar with this kind of metal material, even some have heard of it for the first time. Actual, it’s rather popular and can be called the crystallization of high technology. From the appearance point of view, there is no much difference from common aluminum, but the actual structure is quite distinguished.

Off-bridge aluminum material refers to the additional poor thermal conductivity of the original one, which is able to prevent heat to achieve the purpose of heat insulation. This material has perfectly blended the advantages of vinyl and aluminum materials together. Both the appearance and practicality it is highly recommended for everyone, but the only drawback is relatively higher expensive.

What are the sound insulation methods for windows?


【Add a layer of windows】

①If the noise is not serious, you can choose to install another layer of windows, preferably casement windows.

②When installing, keep a gap of 8-10 cm between the two windows to avoid trouble when opening and closing the windows.

③If the noise particularly makes trouble, it is necessary to install soundproof windows, which are effective in preventing noise.

【Remodel windows】

① If the windows are too aged to prevent noise, please ask a professional master to remodel the windows at home.

②By designing the windows, the sound insulation would be greatly improved.

【Use sealing strip】

① If the sound insulation effect is not good due to the window gap, you can buy some sealing strips.

②Another method is to use a foaming agent to plug the window gaps.

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