Doors & Windows space solution.

Aluminium windows and doors are a quiet preferable option for most house owners and architecture. Not only the natural properties of aluminium, versatile, durable and sturdy but also a wide variety of colour and size selections. It tends to be more and more welcoming for both residential or commercial needs. However, the manufacturing techniques are varied as per supplier due to the factory scale, equipment and inspection standard. Come to view our aluminium windows and doors catalogue including aluminium swing door, sliding door, casement window, folding window.
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Aluminium BI-FOLD Door

Aluminium bi-fold door is a great option for any stylish decoration due to their slimmer & durable aluminum frame, and various glass alternatives. Aluminum frame is slimmer compared with UPVC or wooden, which gives you a spacious feeling by expanding the glass areas. It's highly safe beneficial from installing a thick & large glass surrounding the durable and firm aluminum frame. Every detail witnesses the sincerity we offer, double-layer hollow tempered glass(three-layer in available), anti-clamping design to protect children from injury, thermal break design suitable for outdoors even any weathers. Instead of sacrificing the appearance, optional colors are available in a black spar, fluorocarbon, grey sandblasted, brown sandblasted, ivory white, golden oak, etc. Whatever style the interior design is, classic, minimalist, or modernism you are able to get the right bi-fold doors going well with it. Thanks to its extraordinary pros bi-fold door are not only applied in residential home use but also welcomed by business occasions and hotels.


Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Aluminum sliding glass door is commonly used for bathrooms, kitchens, patios and the balcony, which gives the house a contemporary feeling. The narrow aluminium frames make larger glass possible getting rid of the bulky pieces. Aluminum sliding glass door seamlessly connects the two areas, which not only saves energy & space but also secure for the kids. Going through the larger glass, you are able to know your kid's behavior or just open the door to transforming them into one room. On the balcony, a good view enters your eyes through the sliding glass door whilst laying on the recliner. In the kitchen, you will always see them busy cooking as long as you turn your head to search for your families, won't give you a warm feeling? Our aluminium sliding glass doors utilize imported accessories so as to offer our customers safer and more durable products. The glass is 3c certified car-grade tempered for better strength and hardness. Opak mute pulley makes it quiet when push the doors. The stainless steel guide rail comes with a water-retaining edge, high rail 46mm, and low rail 7.2 mm. We are committed to offering you safe, durable and long lifespan aluminium sliding glass doors at the lowest possible expense.


Aluminum Swing Door

Swing doors are the ones that can be pushed from either side and swing shut when free up. In spite of existing for thousands of years, they are still one of the main options while users are picking doors. In most places in your house, the swing door won't be absent, from the bedroom, bathroom, to kitchen. Due to simple design and less cost, it's quite easy and friendly to get one to install without professional assistance. Because of a smaller and slimmer shape, the swing doors are welcomed by the minimalist. In a small apartment, you couldn’t find out a more suitable door than swing doors, which saves much space and takes up less wall area. Our swing doors make up of German BOGO lockset, thicker S304 hinges, and automobile grade explosion-proof glass which is sure to last a long life and security. There are a variety of swing doors to choose from including french double swing doors, single glass swing doors, etc. If all the models dont meet your requirements of local customers, we sincerely recommend the customization service with optional colors, sizes, and styles.


Aluminium Casement Window

Aluminium casement window works by the attached hinges. In general, the windows are open outward in a pair if it's installed in a higher position, which protects your house from rainy weather and prevents the windows from an obstruction inside. But, if there is a walkway beside your window, it had better be inward in case of obstructing people or cars. Casement windows are often utilized in traditional houses due to their classic frame design and timber material. However, as the interior style evolves day by day, multi-color aluminium frames emerge. Moreover, optional colors are available to fit any home design, such as our black spar fluorocarbon, grey sandblasted, brown sandblasted, ivory white, golden oak, thai teakwood, and red rosewood, candlenut. As for the aluminium, it’s durability, and low maintenance material with great thermal performance, high-security grade and low price. The window is usually sorted into several types based on the open direction, like aluminium french window, tilt and turn window and aluminum window awnings. All these consist of excellent parts, 6063 aluminum alloy featured high strength, glossary surface, and fire resistance, etc. Toughened glass is able to bear powerful forces because of the granular structure. Stanford 304 stainless steel hinge reduces noise, has a better sealing effect and is capable of strong load-bearing.


Aluminium Sliding Windows

The sliding window has developed for hundreds of years originated from the 17th century in Holland. Until nowadays, thanks to the simple design and operation, it's still the most used. It has made great progress. Current sliding windows are utilizing low friction rolling sliders, and designed with a better appearance. Aluminum sliding windows are what we need when furnishing your house. The aluminum frame is able to bear the strong wind and heavy rain over the winter, and it's quite easy to open or shut the window. In addition, it's rather convenient to glide the windows for ventilation. If it's time to do a cleaning to the windows, you can just disassemble them, which fits well for householders. Aside from the common horizontal sliding window sliding back and forth, another up and down vertical sliding window is also an important alternative. Aluminum vertical sliding window gives another unique charm to the home or office whilst not sacrificing the function. The latter are fit for these places where ventilation is required like schools and regular apartments. Our aluminum sliding windows are optional in a large variety of designs and styles. Come to take care of our aluminium windows and doors catalogue as per your needs.