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What is a aluminum door
What is a aluminum door

1. Definition of aluminum door
The aluminum door is a door frame component made of surface-treated aluminum alloy profiles through cutting, drilling, milling, tapping, production, assembly, and other processing techniques, and then using connectors, sealing materials, and opening and closing hardware accessories. , Glass is assembled together.

2. Aluminum door classification
1. According to the opening method: push-pull aluminum door, flat-open aluminum door, folding aluminum door, hanging aluminum door
2. According to the width of aluminum alloy doors: 46 series, 50 series, 65 series, 70 series, 90 series aluminum alloy doors.

3. The characteristics of aluminum alloy doors
1. Lighter material
2. Good sealing
3. Beautiful color
4. Easy to process

4. Regional characteristics
The profiles and glass styles of aluminum doors are divided into north and south. The north is characterized by thick aluminum and a stable style. The most representative one is the grid style, and the most representative of the grid is Tanger. The south is characterized by diverse aluminum shapes and flexible styles. The most representative is the flower glass style. The more representative styles include grate, ice sculpture, shallow sculpture, crystal shell, and so on.